My name is Steve Leatherwood and I have been involved in the business of mental health services and education since 1970.  I have had many unique experiences during those years and have learned from many great teachers and mentors.  I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had and want to use this web site to share some of that knowledge and information with any who are interested. 

I have worked as a psychologist in a state facility for developmentally and mentally disabled children, as a school psychologist in a county public school system, as a Director of Children and Youth Services in a local mental health center, as a adjunct professor in a university and a community college, and have maintained a private counseling practice since 1975.  In addition to private individual and family counseling services, I have also provided Employee Assistance Program services to local industries, businesses and other organizations since 2002.  My experience includes working with children from abusive and dysfunctional families, therapeutic foster homes, and summer camps for children and youth to develop self esteem.  I have also conducted 1-6 day adult and youth workshops and seminars.  My specialty areas include stress/anxiety management, humor & happiness, and productive decision-making.

I have been writing articles for several years on topics related to mental and emotional health, relationships and parenting.  Some of those will be posted on this site under another tab.   I will also have a newsletter to which you can subscribe if you wish.  If you have questions or concerns about a specific topic or area of mental health services, please email your thoughts to me and I will be happy to attempt a response. 

More recently, I have published several books to document some of the information most helpful to me over these years.  Mostly, my work has centered around children and adolescents but in more recent years I have been in private practice and working with all age groups.  In particular, I specialize in stress and anxiety management, marital counseling and therapy, Employee Assistance Programming and personal growth and development. 

Thank you for visiting my internet site and blog space.  I hope you will find something of interest and will feel free to contact me if you have a question. 

My office phone is 704-481-1332 answered 24 hours/7 days by an answering machine.  Please leave me a message and  I will contact you as soon as possible.   You may also contact me at my e-mail address: steve@eapc.org  or steve@sleatherwood.com.

I am available as a program presenter for conferences, key note addresses and workshops or seminars for organizations and groups.  Please contact me at the above email or phone if you would like to discuss a presentation topic.  Thanks again for your visit.   Steve